Topshop and Charity Shops

 So This is my outfot post for today :) i couldn't find my digital camera so had to do this one my phone :(
Shiffon Shirt: Charity Shop
Oversized Nitted Jumper: Charity Shop
Highwaisted Levis Denim Shorts: Handmade by Sarah Brabham
Brothel Creepers: Office

So i drifted into town with my boy and we (of course) stumbled into topshop which is ALWAYS bad news!! and i ended up buying this Fleetwood Mac vest, i love fleetwood mac, they remind me of my younge childhood days on the farm :)

I have also become addicted to Topshop 'Nails' nail varnish, i find it ALWAYS holds the best colours, and they always stand out nicely, they also have an incredible selection that its really hard to choose! But pastel purple is one of my favourites and i remembered that i don't actually own a purple nail varnish and so bought this one :) it looks so nice!

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