Friday 13th, Perfume Genius, Bright Green Door Store.

So i went to go and see Perfume Genius on friday in Brighton, and other than Fleet Foxes i have never been so emotional at a gig before. 
Mike Hadreas a 30 year old musical phenominon has been around since 2008, and just like many musicans started up his own myspace page to which he alled himself 'Perfume Genius' with his first album 'Learning' realeased in 2010 he was instantly loved and liked by the public, along with doing a North American support tour to 'Beirut' he then built up his fan base to eventaully tour solo. With the release of his second album 'Put Your Back N 2 It' in february of this year he is becoming a sensation.
For me his music is beyond beautiful. A hobby of mine is to play Piano and currently it is his album which i am listening to and trying to learn as his meoldies are emotional and chilling that it puts me into some musical trance...
It was the same whilst watching him, the set up was simply him, another man on the keyboard and a drummer, but it was so subtle and tightly compact it was perfect. The green door store was 100% idealic stage for him to perform on. With candles on the walls and shabby white painted brick walls and a tiny stage, the intamacy was wonderful. With the use of simple red and yellow lighting to cast shadows to his face and drama to the stage the room was filled with awe and emotion. In fact I could have stood infront of this man forever, his voice was perfect and soft and long with his fingers playing the keys on the piano the combination was overwhelming. He was interractive with the crowd and (which i found highly adorable!!) was prone to a bit of nervous figeting which meant playing with the microphone stand, moving alot in his seat and coughing, it just added to whole aura of the room and the gig itself.
The audience was alive with a mix of age range from young (16) up to 45+ (i'd say) and everywhere I looked all i could see were smiles and infact i don't know if anyone blinked! You just couldn't take your eyes of him. 
His support was a man called 'I Am Ampersand' and he was really really gorgeous to listen to. With just him, a guitar and a foot pedal with all his backing beat on it was lovely. With just one man on stage it was suprising how much emotion could be felt and how much atmosphere was given off from him to the crowd. No matter how hard i try i cannot find anything on him, no videos, no photos nothing, which is really sad because i would have loved to have shared him with you! 
This is just a small write up about the gig, i could write for hours! But i hope it has roughly summed up what an amazing night it was and how my love for Perfume Genius is shown even more!

To anyone who hasn't listened to Perfume Genius before i would definitley recommend you go and see him and listen to his work, because it is unlike anything i have heard before. Here are a few photos from the gig and a video :)

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