The romanticism of bath time

I don't understand what it is about bath time that people find romantic? It's funny, when you're babies you see bath time as fun and exciting! When you reach adolescent stage it's more of a chore, you get to teenage and it becomes routine and then you become an adult and suddenly the bath is the most erotic and sexiest and romantic place to be. Personally for me I find it horrible, a) I'm afraid the Freddie Kruger is going to come out and grab me and b) I'm afraid of drowning and c) the thought of sharing all the bubbles and relaxation is never justifiable!
I never really manage to relax in a bath, I associate it with being poorly or just before bed, never 'hey baby let's have a bath together, lets get all slippery and wet' for me sweaty gym time is more my thing! What are your views??

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